New Osbourne TV Reality Show For History Channel

May 18, 2016

Black Sabbath metal lord, Ozzy Osbourne is set to star in another family reality series with his son Jack Osbourne titled Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour.

The new Osbourne TV reality show will follow the father-and-son pair around the world, exploring historical sites such as the Jamestown Settlement, Bletchley Park and Mount Rushmore. The show even invites Ozzy to revisit the Alamo Cenotaph which he had urinated on, back in 1982.

Ozzy Osbourne told Rolling Stone, “After The Osbournes TV show, my son chose to go behind the camera and he’s got his own company. He said, ‘Would you be interested in doing this show?’ And I went, ‘Oh, great, fine.’ I just got back from Cuba last week, which, incidentally, if you get any chance to go over there you should go, mate. It’s fucking great.”

This non-scripted show will also see the duo visit England for the WWII codebreaking headquarters and Stonehenge. The show will go premier on July 27th on the History Channel.


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