Cooking With Gousto

May 18, 2016

If you’re a follower of my instagram account (or have met me), then you will know that I fucking love food. I’m a pig. I love restaurants, I love cooking and I love eating. It may shock some people because of my petite frame. I’ve even had a stranger shout “eat a sandwich” at me in a pub.

I eat a lot but I do eat quite healthy and I usually opt for homemade organic goods. I’ve been known to make my own tomato sauce and toothpaste! The only problem is, getting all the ingredients is a pain in the arse for someone so busy as me. So, I plugged in online and found one of those weekly food box companies – Gousto.

Gousto delivers a box full of organic ingredients right to your door, complete with a recipe card. What appealed to me was the effortlessness of picking out three recipes each week and not having to endure the terrible task of mincing around a shop. And sometimes the recipes are picked out by guest chefs which made it more personable and interesting. Although.. I always struggled with picking the third recipe as they weren’t always to my taste. My hope for Gousto is that their selection gets bigger.

For such complex sounding dishes, the recipe cards are extremely simple to follow. I even think a sloth could navigate these instructions and concoct the perfect dinner. Each time I cooked, it came out flawless, and too good not to photograph. And the taste? Oh my, some of the best dinners I’ve ever had. I’m not being cocky though because I feel like the final result was all due to Gousto.

My favourite dish was the Sausage Bake which tastes way better than it sounds. I now use it as my signature dish to wow my friends and family. And it certainly has wowed.

For the busy woman (or man) these boxes are perfect if you enjoy cooking, but haven’t got the time to shop every week. I would highly reccommend them if you want to learn how to cook too. Each recipe serves 2 people or 4 with at least 3 recipes. You can use my code (AMAND77679) to get £25 off your first box.

 If you do place an order, don’t forget to tag me in on instagram!