Guide: Belfast Bars

May 27, 2017

From the Undertones to Stiff Little Fingers, the city of Belfast is still a treasure trove of musical history. When walking through the streets, be sure to pop in one of these bars to rehydrate. This is our guide to the Belfast nightlife.

Voodoo Belfast


A Carouser favourite and Belfast treasure, Voodoo is the place to grab a drink and discuss your favourite artists. It’s been opened five years and has already gathered a loyal band of drinkers. The upstairs venue is also a brilliant space to catch local rock band or their most popular punk nights. The walls are decorated by the hand of artist Kev Largy- something interesting to stare at over a pint of the good stuff.

Katys Bar

Snuggled inside the Limelight venue, Katys is the place to have a post-gig drink. They stock a wide range of drinks including 30 beers and a choice of whiskey. For sunnier occasions, there’s also a roof terrace called “The Rock Garden”. But before heading here, check there isn’t a student night on or you’ll end up listening to drum and bass, surrounded by pizza-faced lads.

Kelly’s Cellars

Belfast’s most traditional Irish pub from the 1700s is still standing and still a local favourite. The staff and owner pride themselves on speaking Irish. They boast of having the best Guinness in Belfast (so does everyone) and a succulent Irish stew. Kelly’s Cellars is an ideal place to submerge yourself in Irish culture.

John Hewitt

If you want to take a look at a new traditional old pub in Belfast, then visit the John Hewitt. You may be tricked into thinking it’s an old bar, but the John Hewitt was opened in ‘99 and owned by the Belfast Unemployed Resource Center. They have a worthy selection of drinks including a range of craft that isn’t pinned down to just “Punk IPA”. Expect Irish music, creaky chairs and a quick joke from a merry local.

Filthy McNasty

There’s a lot going on at Filthy McNastys and it’s not just the furniture. The colourful bar has a number of rooms, outside areas and dancefloors. Though we may not be interested in DJ sets and glass chandeliers, we might grow to like them after a few pints in the main bar area. Open mic nights and a bar stocked full of delicious Irish beverages, this is a place we can sit and stay for a while. We’d recommend this bar for the ones who haven’t quite received their silver streaks yet.

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