Beer Review: AC/DC Rock Or Bust Pilsner

February 18, 2017

AC/DC’s Rock Or Bust Pilsner 5% abv

Australia’s favourite classic rock band had to join on the band beer band wagon (try saying that ten times fast). AC/DC‘s Rock Or Bust Pilsner has became quite a treasured drink in itself. One that people have tried before or have at least heard of.

Rather than brewing in their homeland, they have picked Europe to make their brew in. More specifically, Germany – the home of the stein. It’s brewed by Karlsberg Brauerei which is a brewery located in Homburg, Saarland. The beer does have a bit of depth, in the sense that it is not just made for the sake of making a beer. They wanted it to be a good one. It’s made under German purity laws and using Earth and citrus hops.

The can, it seems, has not got the same amount of attention. It looks like an energy drink. It pours like your typical lager – light gold and thin. It doesn’t give off any unique sort of smell and I even spot one Carouser almost thrusting the beer up their nose to get a note of something other than yeast.

It tastes quite bitter but not as strong as other pilsners. It is slight sweet and fizzy, but lacking anything special. It is not something different to what’s out in the market already. After a few quick swigs, The Carouser team are done with it and not one person declares their love for Rock Or Bust.

Although not overly heinous or repulsive, I might refrain from drinking AC/DC’s Rock Or Bust again. We don’t know why they’ve put so much effort into making something so bland but our guess is that they’re appealing to the masses- just like their songs.

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