Adult Ball Pit Bar Turns Spaceage

February 15, 2017

You may have been quite sad to hear that the adult ball pit bar BallieBallerson closed down, but they’ve now reopened as a space age themed bar.

The balls have turned translucent and 10k LED lights have been installed in the floor to create a “space age” style feel. 250k balls all light up in unison and in time to the music.

The drinks have now turned into planets with cocktails named after Saturn, Pluto and their neighbouring planets using helium, liquid nitrogen and freezing techniques. Even though they’re impressive to see, the drinks fell short on flavour. Especially their take on an Old Fashioned which tastes more like the classic has accidentally had someone’s perfume spilt into the glass.

One drink that did impress was Uranus. Other than being amusing to order, it comes with a “miracle berry” pill that somehow transformed the flavour of the drink from acidic to a sweetened sour. They also do safe bet options like Budweiser, Kopperberg ect.

The ball pit seems a bit more like a club with a DJ at the back of the room, who at one point had two companions next to him with LED lights on their hoodies. But it seemed like the DJ booth was ignored. People were more focused on composing the perfect boomerang video which looked space age in itself.

This is a bar that you should go to at least go to once, but once your £10 cocktail runs dry and you’ve spent more than an hour falling around in a bunch of balls, the novelty wears off quite quickly.

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