Where to find authentic 60s vintage clothes online

September 29, 2020
authentic 60s vintage shops

This has been the year for online shopping, hasn’t it? And I’ve learned so many online shopping lessons. I bought a living room rug that turned out to be more like a door mat, I bought a skirt that broke as soon as I put it on and a sofa in the most offensive colour.

After several refunds and strongly worded emails, I discovered that the most important lesson I learned is to buy from shops that you trust. There’s a lot of bullshitters online who will use dodgey images, fake measurements and even try to pass off a Primark dress as an original 1940s dress (I’m sorry to report that dress did sell for £50 to some misfortunate buyer).

So I’ve wrote a list of online shops which I believe to be trustworthy sources of sixties vintage clothes. Also, if you’re just starting, have a read of my beginner’s guide to collecting vintage so you can be a little more savvy.

Strange Ray Vintage – One of my absolute favourites. The owner has such an eye for clothes and she always stays true to her own style. Strange Ray stocks a mixture of eras, including the sixties, with a bohemian cowgirl theme.


Miracle Eye – Bright, bold colours and mod silouttetes galore on the Miracle Eye shop. These 60s clothes were not made for wallflowers but for girls who want to stand out.


Spaced Out Mama – Psychedelic prints and beautiful sixties dresses can be found on Spaced Out Mama’s Etsy shop. Shop if you like bright colours and groovy prints.


Vintage In Furs – Ran by the gorgeous Charlotte (who has a lovely personal Instagram too). She has a selection of cute 60s dresses that I imagine the most fashionable mods on Carnaby Street used to wear.


Daisy Jane – This brand knows how to do their product photography. Every dress is pictured dreamily on a fabulous woman in beautiful surroundings. It’s no wonder so many pieces are already sold. 


The Hippie Shake – Prints, maxis and gorgeous collared dresses. Admittedly, they tend to stock more 70s clothes than 60s but they source themed vintage collections inspired by icons like Pattie Boyd or Jimi Hendrix. These sell out super fast and, for that, they deserve a mention.


Hellhound Vintage – Pretty little dresses, denim and vintage band tees. This shop has a lot! You may end up getting in a bit of a scroll hole just looking through the stock.


Venus Loon – You can often find a gorgeous sixties dress on Venus Loon and the perfect pair of shoes to match! Have a look out for their coloured tights too.


Ret Mod – A huge selection of clothes from skirts to jumpers, and from hats to shoes. They’ve also started their new venture PhatMod full of 80s and 90s clothes.


Mandy Morello Boutique – I couldn’t write this list without mentioning my own! Mine may seem like a baby in comparison to the others, but my shop is dedicated to finding authentic vintage clothes inspired by the wild women of the sixties.


And of course there are so many more shops out there. I never think you can know too many. It’s very rare you spot two of the same vintage dress anyway.

P.S. If you know of a good sixties vintage shop that I haven’t mentioned here, feel free to share in the comments below.

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