10 Sixties horror movies you need to watch this Halloween

October 10, 2020
1960s Horror Movies

Scroll down for a list of the most stylish Horror movies from the sixties that you need to watch this October.

I usually write about films for sixties style inspiration, but I’m gonna take a break from mini skirts and beehives this week and swap it for blood, rotting guts and gore.

There’s something about old movies that make them extra creepy, know what I mean? I think some of the old horror movies I’ve seen are more eerie than anything made today, especially anything super old like 1930s/1920s. But some of the old scary movies are super corny. But even then, I think they’re worth a watch for the laughs.

I’ve tried to keep this horror list chic and stylish but it was hard trying to find movies where the actresses were wearing clothes… But who knows? You might get some Halloween costume inspiration from this list. So grab some freshly popped popcorn, pick a movie from this list and prepare to laugh, cry and screeeeeaaaaaaam.

The Best 1960s Horror Movies

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Circus Of Horrors 1960

A plastic surgeon goes a bit mental and takes over a circus. Combining his new passion for the circus and his skills as a plastic surgeon, he gives female criminals free surgery and provides them with a circus performer job. But he’s not as nice as he sounds.

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What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? 1962

Two sisters, and former Hollywood stars, find themselves bound together in an old mansion. One sister is confined to a wheelchair after being ran over by a car. The other is a drunk. This movie is extra tense, knowing that both actresses disliked each other in real life.

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Black Sabbath 1963

An Italian movie which features the horror king Boris Karlof. The movie is seperated into three stories; one full of mysterious phone calls, another focusing on an undead creature that kills its former loved ones and the third, about a gorgeous sapphire ring.

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The Birds 1963

Hitchcock’s The Birds gave me actual nightmares. In this story, birds begin to turn against humans and attack. And it feels like there is no escape for Hitchcock’s blonde Tippi who had to endure actual birds peck at her.

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Blood & Black Lace 1964

Another Italian horror that is set in the world of fashion. A masked man is hunting down models and killing them for sport. Cue the police inspector. He needs to find out who it is and fast before there are no models left for Pucci and Prada.

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Repulsion 1965

Catherine Denueve plays a girl who is the complete opposite of her character in Belle Du Jour. She is repulsed by sexual advances and signs of afffection. So much, that it begins to isolate her from everyone she knows. When she’s left in her London flat alone, she begins to loose sight of reality.

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Bloody Pit Of Horror 1965

This Italian movie follows a group of models who journey up to a castle for a photoshoot. What could go wrong, right? The owner of the castle, is a little weird, and calls himself “the crimson executioner”. Yeah, and you guessed it. He wants to kill them.

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Wait Until Dark 1967

Who doesn’t love an Audrey Hepburn movie? This movie was a step away from her usual romantic roles. She plays a recently blind woman who has her house invaded by criminals looking for a doll stuffed with heroin. Super tense stuff.

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Fearless Vampire Killers 1967

The gorgeous Sharon Tate plays a woman who is living a cosy life in Transylvania.. until she’s kidnapped by vampired. This horror-comedy follows two men’s mission to save her and kill the head vampire (and one of them is Roman Polanski, Tate’s future husband).

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Rosemary's Baby 1968

Rosemary moves into a New York appartment with her man. Naturally, they decide to have a baby. But Rosemary becomes a bit suspicious that her neigbours are satanists and have plans for her unborn child. Which is a normal suspicion to have.

And there’s so much more 1960s horror movie madness out there like The Orgy Of The Dead. But they seem more hilarious soft porn movies to me. Have fun being spooked.

P.S. If I’ve missed any of your favourites out, don’t hesitate to punch them down below. I’d love to talk horror with you!

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