Craft Your Pants: Toilet Water Lager Approved

April 21, 2015

Recently, permission has been granted to an American brewing company to produce toilet water lager. The beer will be processed from recycled sewage water in Oregon by Oregon Brew Crew. They will brew the beer from the dirty water and serve it to the public, but not before being approved by health and safety.

Drinking water from waste is apparently common outside of the UK so it came as no shock to the company that the local health authority approved their crazy idea. The authority stated that there was a low health risk due to the high quality of the treated water. This act of originality highlights the growing need to find new sources of water but we never imagined this for our beer!

It is a light golden lager but we won’t know of the taste until it’s made. Beer usually comprises of 90% water and many companies pride themselves on it’s quality. It should be interesting to find out if consumers care that their new favourite beer comes out of a toilet.

We hope this is not the future.



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