Suzi Quatro Releases Greatest Hits

July 12, 2017

Chrysalis Records are releasing The Best Of Suzi Quatro: Legend on double vinyl, CD and digital.

The 20 track ‘Best Of’ will be released on Friday 22nd September and has been personally curated by the leather-clad woman herself. The record will feature “Can The Can”, “48 Crash”, “Devil Gate Drive” and “Stumblin’ In”. Also, for the first time, Suzi’s four RAK studio albums (released between ’75 and ’79) will be digitally remastered and available to download or stream. This includes Your Mamma Won’t Like Me, Aggro-Phobia, If You Knew Suzi and Suzi… and Other Four Letter Words.

Suzi Quatro says, “I’m excited about my new compilation, it’s not just the hits, which I love, but it also features favourite and important tracks from my albums, with an extensive Track By Track on the liner notes. Enjoy one and all.”

“The hits are the hits,” she continues, “but as Mickie Most always told me, ‘your self-penned songs are the meat of what you do Suzi’. Enjoy some of my personal choices.”


  1. Can The Can (2017 Remaster)
  2. Shine My Machine (2017 Remaster)
  3. 48 Crash (2017 Remaster)
  4. Skin Tight Skin (2017 Remaster)
  5. Daytona Demon (2017 Remaster)
  6. Devil Gate Drive (2017 Remaster)
  7. The Wild One (Single Version)
  8. Cat Size (2017 Remaster)
  9. Too Big (2017 Remaster)
  10. Michael (2017 Remaster)
  11. Half As Much As Me (2017 Remaster)
  12. Stumblin’ In (2017 Remaster)
  13. If You Can’t Give Me Love (2017 Remaster)
  14. Suicide (2017 Remaster)
  15. Wiser Than You (2017 Remaster)
  16. She’s In Love With You (2017 Remaster)
  17. Hollywood (2017 Remaster)
  18. 15 Minutes Of Fame
  19. Free The Butterfly
  20. Dancing In The Wind

You can preorder The Best Of Suzi Quatro: Legend here.

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