Rammstein Release New Tequila

September 5, 2016

Metal Band Rammstein are releasing a new Resposado Tequila to add to their spirit collection.

The new Rammstein Tequila is made and bottled by hand for the band and wrapped in a leather case. The Tequila has been aged for eight months in French Oak barrels making it one of the ‘resposado’ variety with 100% Agave. According to The Spirit Business it is described to have, “conserved fruit and agave aromas paired with vanilla and caramel notes, that is silky smooth with a sweet aftertaste”.

The Tequila is primarily available in the Rammstein shop online, in Germany and some parts of Europe for €79. They have previously released their own vodka in 2014 to great success.

Also this year, AC/DC unveiled their own Tequila in the form of Thunderstruck.

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