Hen Restaurant, Angel

August 27, 2016

I came across Hen when looking for a place to eat on Upper Street, Angel. It seemed that it was newly sprung because it had that fresh-paint-feel to it. I was attracted by the prospect of happy chickens, as I only opt for free-range, ethical farmed produce. 

The menu informed us that all the chickens came from Caldecotts farm who believe in animal welfare. Unfortunately, the chickens are not organic but they are still additive-free. Being greeted by one of the friendly staff lured me in further, and allowed me to leave my organic hang-ups outside in the rain.

The menu is straight-forward like most chicken places; chicken+sauce+side. I opt for wings with honey sauce and fries. It was just what I needed for my after-work fix. The honey sauce delicately coated the moist chicken, giving a sweet, velvety flavour, unlike most chicken places that are as dry as the bone the meat resides on. The chips were simple, but a warm welcomed accompaniment to the chicken. This was all washed down by a plum and ginger cider by The Garden Cider Company – which I highly recommend to anyone who has a penchant for fruity cider.

The guy who claimed that ‘he ran the place’ came over to check we were happy. He was very attentive and ensured that we were having a good time in the restaurant. It seemed that they care about the welfare of humans too!

H.en is to be a six-month pop up, but I’m hoping it will stick around a little longer!