Drink Releases: 7 New Ciders For Summer

April 11, 2015

As the days warm up we know it’s almost time for the rest of the UK to join The Carouser in dousing ourselves with liquid love, and I don’t mean bukkake. This year the UK cider scene is gaining traction with many big name brands unveiling new flavours and styles. The Carouser gives you a list of the best new cider releases this Summer.

Getting Canned

A craft cider has been launched by Westons at 5.2% ABV called Cable Road. The canned sparkling cider is made in small batches and matured in oak for 18 months. This one would make great journey juice.

The Hard Stuff

Magners has opted for a firey flavour this year by releasing an Irish whiskey blended cider. Catching on with the new trend of ‘spider’ drinks, Magners has released a 500ml bottle of 5.5% ABV premium cider with the showcase ingredient; a 25ml splash of the hard stuff.

The Fruity One

Bulmers on the other hand is injecting a bit of colour into the summer with a splash of orange. Zesty Blood Orange cider is the latest fruity addition to the cider world at 4% ABV from Britain. The bottle gives a striking orange bright glow that adds to the Bulmers’ colourful collection. We’re waiting for a black one to match our souls.

Terribly British

Every high-class hooker’s favourite summer drink label, Pimms, are adding cider to their selection with Cider Cup. It will come at 4% ABV for under £3 and blended with their signature strawberry and cucumber flavourings. Oo lar-de-dar!

Cider Loverrrs

The most well-known cider brand, Strongbow is releasing one for the scrumpy fans – Strongbow Cloudy. Their new attempt at “premium” cider will cost more than the original and dark fruit editions as they claim the making process is a lot more complex. The apples are sourced from Herefordshire and the ABV comes in at 4.5%.

The Mongrel

Some crazy carouser has thought that cider and ale would make a good mix. London porter with West Country cider gives birth to London Velvet. It was given the name due to it’s taste and origin but I think we have to try this 5% ABV mongrel to believe it.

Ice Ice Baby

Just as I was getting over people putting ice in their cider (drink it quicker if it gets warm, fool) Kopparberg brings out something chillier. Kopparberg Frozen Fruit Cider will be released in May as alcoholic slush puppies. Adults will be running to the ice cream man faster than their children to get their mits on the 4% ABV bad boy. They will come in pouches of 250ml that need to be frozen for up to 8 hours and squeezed into a glass to drink with a spoon or straw.

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