Beer Billboard Gives London (And Us) A Boner

April 9, 2015

Carlsberg Poster Hands Out Free Beer

A beer billboard was erected earlier in Brick Lane today which dispensed free pints of golden goodness for passing Londoners. The Poster is part of Carlsberg‘s popular campaign to prove that they would produce the best things in the world. Though, their lager is outsold by many other top name brands in this country. We think a poster of this calibre should be on every street, but we perhaps wouldn’t like it manned by a menacing security guard and limited to one pint per person.

You might be familiar with the “Probably the best..” campaign that they bombarded you with back in 2011. Their decision to revive it this year resulted in this generous poster and a further promise of more stunts to come.

If The Carouser did billboards we wouldn’t have taps but several hoses (or hoes) ejaculating whiskey. That’s probably the best….

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