Neil Finn To Record Album On Livestream

July 31, 2017

Neil Finn announces that he will be recording his new album on Facebook livestream.

The former Split Enz frontman has announced he will record his entire new album Out Of Silence on livestream and invites everyone to watch. Every Friday in August, Neil proposes to go live from his studio in Auckland, to record the album in full for a September release.

Neil explains, “During these Friday sessions you will be witness to a series of musical happenings featuring friends, family, fellow songwriters and singers playing tunes both old and brand new. You can follow the progress of new song arrangements as we build towards the last stream on August 25. This final performance will be the actual recording of my new solo album.”

Neil seems to be a big fan of the live streaming as he has been experimenting with it since 2003. Out Of Silence will be mixed, mastered and released on Friday 1st of September. Catch the Neil Finn album livestream on the Neil Finn Facebook page starting this Friday.

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