Drink Review: Mötorhead’s Röad Crew

December 15, 2016

Camerons Brewery Motörhead Röad Crew American Pale Ale 5% abv

The moment has arrived. The brand new Motörhead beer is here and it’s looking like a rock ‘n’ roll trophy. Plus, The Carouser are lucky enough to be one of the first people to try it.

After the loss of Lemmy last December, it seems that the rock band have set the sights on the alcohol industry. First was the release of Snaggletooth this Summer and now an American Pale Ale. The beer is made in collaboration with Hartlepool’s Camerons Brewery. One of their team travelled all the way from up north to bestow upon us the honour of a 24 case adorned with the war pig- the very first batch.

Mikkey Dee said of the beer, “I’m proud to have been able to develop this beer with Camerons. The trials we have tasted have been great. We wanted this to be an exciting and refreshing brew which is for you, our Röad Crew.”

“It has been great fun working with the guys from Camerons on this beer. This is going to be an excellent beer for all Motörhead and rock fans around the world to enjoy” added Phil.

The name comes from the song “(We are) The Road Crew” which Lemmy wrote from his studio in north London- or more specifically the toilet. This was his tribute to roadies and to his time as one of the road crew for Hendrix.  I play the track and crack open the beer. “Another beer is what we need.”

The bottle gold lining makes it extra special. There’s also a special silver bottle cap which is strategically placed on bottles for drinkers to find and collect. But honestly, I think the bottle itself seems pretty collectable anyway. When poured from the bottle, its contents is golden amber and gives off a citrusy fruity aroma.

It tastes incredibly smooth and hoppy. The addition of Mandarina Bavaria hops adds a slight hit of orange. It’s so crisp and easy to drink that it serves well as a session beer. Camerons recommend having this with nachos or Cajun style food.

Röad Crew is a quality drink that beer fans and those who are not so keen can enjoy together. This is a beer that keep you going all night long without leaving a bad taste in your mouth. It’s just a shame that Lemmy isn’t here to try it.

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