If you wanna know what it’s like to be on tour with Iggy Pop, read this book

September 25, 2017

There’s something so captivating about being on tour- the camaraderie, the stories and the women. So when it was announced that Alvin Gibbs would be releasing a new book about his time on the 1988 tour with the godfather of punk, I knew I had to get my claws on it.

This story may sound a little familiar. That’s because Some Weird Sin is an updated version of Alvin Gibbs’ Neighbourhood Threat, but with more juice than the original. When Gibbs’ previous tour diary was published in 1995, him and Iggy Pop were both still in the same relationships that they were in whilst they were on tour. So, therefore, Gibbs tore out a huge chunk of his penis memories and more fruitful parts of the story in order to save their marriages. Now, with the women out of the picture, Gibbs has decided to hold nothing back.

Some Weird Sin thrusts us through 230 nights on tour with Iggy Pop. Alvin Gibbs had quit his band The Subs and was offered an amazing opportunity to tour with the wild ex-Stooges frontman. Even though at this point Iggy had gone sober, the story is no less without its fair share of alcohol, drugs and guilty, cheap sex.

This scrapbook-style diary serves as a capsule of a legendary moment in rock history. Alvin allows us to sink into the pages and become part of a tour which only succeeds in meeting our expectations of how tours should be. The real high highs and the lows are all included in this book and with entertaining detail. We are taken through the drug-fuelled parties to the chance encounters with other rock stars. Most notably of all, we meet Jim Osterberg- the teacher’s son and the man behind the alter ego of Iggy Pop.

Gibbs gives us all we need to feel like we’re along for the ride. Going on tour, especially with an intriguing character like Iggy Pop, is the thing of dreams. Some Weird Sin lets us live that dream vicariously.

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