Car Powered By Whisky Hits The Road

July 10, 2017

An Edinburgh-based company is the first to drive a whisky-powered car.

Celtic Renewables have created a new biofuel made from draff- the sugary kernels of barley that are left over from the distillation of whisky. The company worked with Tullibardine Distillery in Perthshire to create “biobutanol” biofuel which can be used instead of petrol or diesel without any engine modification.

Tullibardine distillery manager John Torrance said, “Right from the outset when Celtic Renewables approached us we could see the game-changing potential of a new fuel created from our by-products. We’re a forward thinking distillery and we’re happy to support what promises to be a groundbreaking first for renewable energy, for transport and for the Scottish whisky industry alike.”

This is the first time that a car has been driven with a biofuel made from whisky production residues. The car made a short journey in Scotland where 50,000 tonnes of draff are produced from Whisky distilling. The company had recently received £9 million in funding to support their research. It’s just a shame that the biofuel isn’t drinkable.




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