Drink Review: Sipsmith London Dry Gin

April 2, 2015

41.6% abv

A lot of talk has been circulating about Sipsmith. I’ve been recommended their spirits by a number of bartenders and have endured jealous taunts when I managed to get my claws on a bottle.

They’re located in a small space in West London that was previously a pub micro-brewery. The Sip-smiths hand craft their artisanal small batch spirits in a copper still that they like to call Prudence, which sounds like a Thomas The Tank Engine character. It is the uniquely designed Prudence that they thank for all their batches of both vodka and gin.

There is a lot of character behind the company with its named pots and cutesy setting, but, besides the elegant branding, they try to inject the same energy into their spirits. The London Dry Gin is what they’re most known for. Using their copper still, they use the ‘one-shot’ method rather than a quick fix of concentrate. They base their gin on recipes from the 19th century and pluck their ingredients from different countries around the world. Sipsmith uses 10 botanicals to make their gin unique.

I note down as I sip how elegantly smooth the London Dry Gin is, like a swan gliding through water just as their bottle art suggests. I can taste the clarity and strength in their ingredients which makes their hard efforts worth it. I enjoy the taste better than Berkeley’s, but it still has the flavour of a standard London Dry Gin. The juniper and citrus are ever present with a hint of liquorice adding to the smooth factor.

Sipsmith’s London Dry Gin is classic, smooth and cradled like a newborn by a team who really give the attention that a spirit truly deserves. If you’re after premium gins, this is your baby.

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