Pairing: Killer Queen Vodka

October 30, 2015

Vodka sparked the conversation between the glam rock band Queen collaborating with alcohol. Vodka was the late Mercury’s favourite beverage for rocking around on tour with. RnR Brew collaborated with Stoli to produce a vodka to celebrate the frontman’s legacy to music and as a tribute to the hit single “Killer Queen”.

The vodka is seven times distilled and filtered four times which is promptly displayed on the shiny mirror-like bottle. To make the vodka extra flashy, just like Freddie, they’ve sourced the water from a historical artisan well. It’s the kind of extravagance I expect from a vodka, because the majority of vodkas are just… well, plain shit. So I grab myself a glass and chuck it in.

The strength of the 40% abv leaks from the glass, with that well known sharp vodka fragrance. I get a strong taste of charcoal and wheat on the first sip then a sweet lingering of grapefruit. I’m pleasantly surprised by how clean it tastes but it still has that crisp kick that makes your teeth grit and your eyes squint.

If you’re a vodka drinker, Killer Queen is perfect straight up in a shot glass – Russian style. But otherwise, it would be best mixed with lemonade or soda in a more formal environment. Brian May said he thinks Freddie would be proud of this Vodka and I would be too. Is it guaranteed to blow your mind? Most definitely.

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