Drink Review: Angel’s Envy

December 23, 2014

The Carouser’s Mandy Morello reviews Angel’s Envys bourbon for issue three.

For a campaign lead with negative statements like “Boycott this Bourbon!” has to take some balls. And you would need balls to work there as workers have to taste every single barrel to check that it’s perfect enough. The man behind Angel’s Envy’s vision is Lincoln Henderson who has helped produce Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniels and Gentleman Jack. He was so confident about this brand that he thinks that angels would like a share of the 43.3% bourbon.

Due to it’s unfiltered persona, it has an orange glow, which is so light that it allows you to see the tattooed wings on the back of the bottle. It smells of like an ice cream of praline and caramel with a hint of port. From the off, I knew this bourbon would be as sweet as it’s name. I wasn’t wrong, as it tasted black cherry and possibly a hit of Angel’s delight custard mixed with oak; a combination that could be sung by Dolly Parton.

“Does Lincoln Henderson think he’s the god of Bourbon or Something?” reads another advertising poster. For bar slamming, face wincing bourbon, Lincoln is definitely not god but for an easy sweet ride into submission, this could be a winner.

The Carouser Bourbon Issue

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