I highly reccomend these four London jazz bars

December 16, 2014

Nothing makes me feel more like a city girl than sitting in a bar with a vino, watching a Jazz band. There’s nothing more enchanting than gazing into your lover’s eyes whilst the sweet sounds of the sax dance through the air.

When I moved here, I was a lost lamb. With no maps to guide me or friend to help, I set out to discover some jazz bars alone.

The Jazz Cafe

My first journey took me to the most well known, the Jazz Cafe in Camden. I read in an old newspaper that Amy Winehouse had once played here. It was a big building, with some unlikely characters. A few barelly legals walked in at the same time, which made me question if I was in the wrong place. I realised you would have to see what events are on before hand because they don’t just play jazz. The place lacked personality and I thought only served as a venue and not a bar.

The Shaftsbury Tavern

One day whilst making friends with an Irish girl, I stumbled upon  The Shaftsbury Tavern in Archway. It was a quiet pub tucked in Hornsey Road where I could hear the sound of a live jazz band behind a velor curtain. Everyone was in a back room next to a roaring fire whilst drinks were being served by the gentle barmen. It was such a cosy way of listening to jazz.

Ronnie Scott’s

One that I’m not fond of is Ronnie Scott’s but is undoubtebly one of the oldest jazz clubs in the world. The people that I found in there were jazz snob who’s subjects of conversations bore me to tears. Despite this, most musicians aim to play in this place to chances are, the more international singers will end up here.

Pizza Express Jazz Club

During my time at Jazz FM, I was recommended the Pizza Express Jazz Club. Pizza and Jazz made a good pairing and I sweat the sounds of the chello made my food slide down with ease. This would be the perfect club to make a little romance.