Watch The Last Known Footage Of The Doors Performing ‘Light My Fire’

February 22, 2018

Underneath the reddish glow of the festival lights, The Doors performed for the last time on camera.

The face of Jim Morrison emerged from the shadows but hidden under a newly grown thick beard. The strength of his voice commanded the stage but his on-stage personality seemed more subdued than what was written about in the pages of the NME.

The 1970 Isle Of Wight festival was filmed at a time of court cases, cancelled tours and police charges for The Doors. A lot of controversies surrounded the band and inevitably caused a lot of stress due to Morrison allegedly exposing himself on stage.

Regardless, The Doors flew to England and played at 2 am in almost darkness. As if by accident the audience were forced to focus on the music. Their performance was hypnotic and Jim was looking more sober than usual. It would be his self-destructive love for alcohol that would see him deteriorate, and lead to his untimely death at 27.

The full unreleased footage of The Door’s Isle Of Wight festival performance is being released on DVD on the 23rd of February. The band have fully approved of the DVD that has been remixed by their original co-producer Bruce Botnick.

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