Dirtiest Pubs In The UK Revealed

April 11, 2017

A recent report has revealed what places in the UK are serving up the dirtiest pints.

Often you take a swig of your usual go-to pint and notice that it tastes slightly different. Having worked in multiple pubs, I can tell you my friend, that the slight hint of arse you’re tasting is because the lines haven’t been cleaned.

Not cleaning the lines is a very filthy thing indeed. If the draught lines aren’t regularly cleaned, a build up of mould and bacteria can develop. Thankfully, the guys at Cask Marque has produced a report to shame those bar owners who, quite frankly, are just plain lazy.

The Beer Quality Report has revealed which establishments are serving pints from unclean draught beer machines. And, it turns out, that there’s quite a lot of them. Pub Inspectors from Cask Marque found that 58.8% aren’t cleaning their lines properly. And a staggering one in three pints served in British pubs come from unclean lines.

The cider swirling South-West come up as the dirtiest of them all with over 40% pouring from unclean lines. Wales follows closely behind with 39% dishing up beer with a side dish of bacterial tang. But fair play to those in the north-east of England who scored the cleanest with 29%.

Though you’d think London would be clean due to the vast competition there is, the city was reported to have 35.8% of bars with dirty taps.

The report collected data from 22,000 visits, 740 Cask Marque reviews and 220,000 smart devices attached to beer taps. They hope this information will encourage bar owners to clean their taps more regularly.

For a nation that cares about good beer, isn’t it time for pubs to start caring about the quality of beer too?

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