10 iconic looks from Belle Du Jour

October 17, 2020
belle du jour outfits

I heard that Belle Du Jour was a 1960s movie about a bored Parisian housewife that aspires to be a prostitute during the day. Right up my alley. But when I watched Belle Du Jour, I realised that the film is more than just boobs and saucy French dialogue. It’s a piece of art decorated by the designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Yves’ designs gave the housewife, Séverine, a look that whispers Paris and money. She suited her bourgeoise life skiing in the alps and sitting at home, sewing. As the movie unravels, we see her becoming a bit sexier and daring with her clothes. Much more brothel-worthy.  Watching Séverine’s style evolve throughout the movie is worth a night in for:

10 Iconic Looks From

Belle Du Jour

Belle Du Jour Outfits

Red Military Jacket & dress – We meet Séverine being chauffered in a horse and carriage. She’s dressed neatly in a bold bright red dress and double breasted jacket matching set. We get the feeling she has money, style and a bunch of rules to live by. But it’s not long before we see the Yves Saint Laurent dress being ripped off of her body like she’s wearing bloody Primark. That outfit is worth more than my rent you pigs!

Iconic Belle Du Jour Outfits

Tennis Outfit – Being a middle class housewife does have its perks, even if the sex isn’t that thrilling. You get to look super chic on the tennis courts, head to toe in YSL. When I play tennis, I look like a homeless person in my joggers and spaghetti-stained band tee.

Belle Du Jour's Iconic Fashion Moments

Ski Knits – Séverine also skis, and she has the perfect collection of knits for the occasion including this lemon coloured cardigan which she wears for apres-ski drinks (a.k.a. the best part of skiing).

Beige Dress – One thing I began to notice is that ever outfit in Belle Du Jour has a story. Especially this beige military dress that she wears to the brothel. When she undresses, it’s like she’s peeling off the conformity and rules of her life as a housewife. Ah, if my film studies teacher could see me now.

Fashion in film: belle Du Jour

White Floor Length Dress – Like anything floaty and brilliantly white, this dress gets filthy in a matter of seconds. Mud is slung all over Séverine, making her dress the perfect canvas.

Belle Du Jour Fashion Moments

Fur Coat – My favourite coat of Séverine’s is this dark fur coat which she pairs with a studded leather hat on a wintery walk by the beach. Although she’s around her saintly husband, she’s starting to look like she’s someone I’d be friends with now.

Iconic Looks In Belle Du Jour
Belle Du Jour: Style Icon

Lingerie– Of course, this movie features a lot of lacey knickers and silky robes. Séverine seems to like the colour white for her underwear. Although she’s meddlng with her darker side, she’s still maintaining some kind of purity.

Belle Du Jour Outfits Are Timeless

PVC Coat – Séverine begins embracing her sexual side with a PVC coat. A nod to her fetishism but also very trendy for the sixties. Naturally, the girls at the brothel love it. At least now, if she has mud slung at her, she’ll be able to wash it right off.

Fashion In Film

Collar Dress – Her last outfit kicks the shit out of all her other looks. An above the knee black dress with a silk collar and French cuffs. I’m so glad this one wasn’t destroyed by mad men. The epitome of Belle Du Jour‘s Parisian submissive house wife style.

Belle Du Jour was more than just one woman’s sexual fantisies, it’s a lookbook of sixties Parisian Mod. Which makes it one of the best 1960s Stylish European Movies and super watchable, even without the English subtitles.

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