Pairing: Motörhead Vodka

February 4, 2017

Out of all the spirits in the world, I find that vodka is the hardest to review. Not just because it tastes like chucking petrol down my throat, but because most vodkas taste pretty similar – unless they’re flavoured with something like a stick of vanilla or some tiny gold metallic flakes. Despite this, people still buy it and mix it with strong tasting mixers like orange juice, coke and energy drinks. But some countries have more of a stomach for the substance. Like Poland or Russia. But it’s fucking cold there so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d drink anything.

So when Motörhead decided to launch their own vodka back in 2011, I avoided it like the plague. But as it sits on the shelf, Motörhead logo shining under the lights of the back bar, The Carouser team decides to have a crack at it and report back to you all in the name of drinks journalism.

Motörhead Vodka is distilled and bottled in the small market town of Malmkoping, Sweden. This is another collaboration with Icon Beverages who also created Snaggletooth with the band.

It pours pristine clear and looks like normal vodka. But as the glass is raised, a strong aroma of antiseptic can be smelt. It’s not repulsive but it certainly doesn’t make me want to put it in my body either.

Surprisingly, it’s very easy to drink and everyone finishes it much sooner than expected. It has a slightly sweet aftertaste and easy on the palate. I think this would be best enjoyed with ‘Born To Raise Hell’ playing as it makes me feel empowered, being able to drink vodka straight and not wincing.

If I had to pick a vodka, this one would certainly be on my list. However, I’m still searching for that one that blows my mind and turns me into a vodka-drinker.

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