2013 Trend Report: The Sixties Are Back!

March 14, 2013

Every so often influences from the different eras of the 20thcentury bleed into our fashion radar. We can’t seem to get enough of the trends that our mums are wearing in that dusty Polaroid photo album. These trends also bring us the moments when that lovely old lady at the bus stop tells you that she used to wear those kinds of skirts when she was young.

Well prepared to let these moments reoccur as the 60s are swinging its way back along the catwalk and onto our bodies. Brave patterns and Bardot bouffants were polka-dotted around the fashion weeks from Jean Paul Gaultier to Moschino. Designers plucked every ripe aspect of the era and brought it back to 2013. The Sixties’ distinguishable uniform is set to groove around our summer in thick-rimmed shades.
Andy Warhol’s superstar Edie Sedgwick was once again revived in Marc Jacob’s collection of striped print uniform. Edie’s trademark baggy shirts and leotard could be seen to be combined with her short side-swept hair and Bambi eyed makeup. Jacobs is proving that Sedgwick is still a fashion muse today as she was before her demise. Hipster skirts and drop-waist dresses kept the sixties vibe more modern and fresh though keeping in with the vintage style pointed shoes.
Louis Vuitton had put one kitten heel forward with an escalator full of checkerboard treats complete with beehives wrapped up in bows. Vuitton evidently felt that monochrome, bold prints and Mary Quant hemlines needed a comeback. Moschino also checked in on the trend with their monochrome medley of audacious spring coats and A-line skirts.
Tom Ford and Gucci designers decided to take a different edge to the sixties trend with their Hitchcock inspired designs supposedly stemming from the Hopkins movie that is soon to be released. Suit dresses and formal jackets whilst still injecting a few prints into the mix. Shift dresses from Gucci and modern flare from Tom Ford but both still keeping the sixties sophisticated.All designers collectively backcombed their model’s hair into either Jean Shrimpton style beehives or Hepburn bravura up-dos. Eyes were painted black and white behind immense mascara eyelashes in the same style of the sixties to make sure every aspect is covered.
So are you going to tackle the 1960s look this season?
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