Introducing jazz artist Lucinda Belle

May 29, 2013


The Lucinda Belle Orchestra’s “My Voice & 45 Strings” is a sweet assortment of harp laced tracks. Her velvety soft voice compliments the elaborate instrumental which was produced from her £1.25m contract with Universal.

Following Lucinda’s discovery in a laundrette, she told Jazz FM that she was influenced to play the harp by her parents. There’s a strong jazz and pop influence that can be compared to the likes of Norah Jones and Corinne Bailey Ray through songs like I’ll get by and These Broken Things.

Romance trickles through the album with stories of Valentine and being Unlucky in Love but in the same respect, Lucinda Belle claims that she only needs her harp in the introductory track My Voice & 45 strings which is her bouncy tribute to woman empowerment.

Gipsy elements glitter over tracks like Keep on Looking, Unlucky in love and Rosie Marie Bobby McGee. All tracks are uncomplicated and honeyed to make the record tranquil to listen to.

Stand out tracks: Rosie Marie & Bobby McGee, Northern Lights

Originally published on Jazz FM’s website.