June 15, 2014

Cecil’s, London Bridge, 8 Holyrood St, London, SE1 2EL

An underground bar hidden in the back streets of London Bridge transports you back to the 1930s.

After much confusion I found Cecil’s hidden demurely down an empty road. Two bouncers were stood outside and confirmed to me that I was in the right place. Down some dark stairs were some ladies serving some complimentary sweet tea. The tea was a welcome accompaniment to the dazzling site of the bar. Everyone was dressed in vintage uniform, and I mean everyone. The light glittered over everyone including the dapper jazz band performing on stage. I had travelled back in time to the 1930’s and I didn’t have to board a tardis to get there. Cecil himself was the host of the party and would introduce himself to everyone to make sure they’re having a good time. He was a proper gentleman and looked like he could have been throwing parties since said era. He was a charm and I even had the pleasure of an old-fashioned ballroom dance with him.

20140615-031422 pm-54862784.jpg

With such a fabulous atmosphere, it was only right that the drinks menu would reflect it. Highballers, Punches, Cocktails and Pick Me Ups. I went for Cecil’s Rapscallion which was comprised of Johnny Walker Black, Sherry and Absinthe. A strong bevy that could put wolf-man hair on any woman’s chest but it went down like a licorice storm. Aperitif No.20, a tequila punch mixed with marmalade and lemon was absolute genius and I would claim that as the best drink on the menu. The Highballs were refreshing whilst enjoying the soft massaging bass from the jazz band. The food was Chinese takeaway. Although this didn’t really suit the bar, it was a more than welcome addition to the strong whiskey. This would be the ideal place for a man to impress a lady and I began to wonder why a man hadn’t taken me here sooner. It has been open since November 2013 and has racked up quite a following for its elaborate thirties revival elements. The place was oozing with sophisticated charm but dared to be loose and let the waitresses do a shot of Soldier (Johnny Walker Black, Martini Rosso & Cherry Heering) with you.   20140615-031425 pm-54865901.jpg

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