11 must-visit locations in Dublin for Thin Lizzy fans

March 16, 2018
Thin Lizzy Dublin Guide

If you’re a fan of the band, explore these 11 iconic destinations listed in this Thin Lizzy Dublin travel guide.

After having a chat with the drummer of Thin Lizzy, I felt compelled to walk around the band’s hometown and revisit some of their much-loved places.

I was surprised to find that a lot of the band’s old haunts still exist and the locals actually know more of the band’s music than just the 1976 song “The Boys Are Back In Town”.

Thin Lizzy was a treasure to Dublin and they try to keep their memory alive all over the city. Here are just a few places that you need to go to if you love Phil Lynott and the boys.

The Thin Lizzy Dublin Guide:

1. Irish Rock n Roll Museum

This museum takes us deeper into the rich history of Irish rock. The tour covers everything from The Cranberries to Van Morrison. And of course, lots of Thin Lizzy memorabilia including that mirrored bass. As a bonus, the tour features Temple Lane studio- reportedly one of the last places Phil Lynott recorded in before his death.


2. Gypsy Rose

Under the dimmed lights of the Gypsy Rose, you can find Phil on the stained glass windows and in the Jukebox. This down to earth rock bar is located on the curve of the Liffey river.  Grab a Guinness, watch a band, and if the music isn’t entertaining you, then the locals certainly will.

3. Vibe For Philo

For fans making that pilgrimage to Ireland in the name of Thin Lizzy, then the 4th of January is the best time. Fans throw the event every year to celebrate Phil Lynott’s life on the anniversary of his death. Previous events have seen all members of Thin Lizzy in attendance and of course his family.


4. Bash For Philo

If heading out in the winter seems a little nippy, then there is an event during the summer landing on a weekend around Phil’s birthday (20th August). Join Phil’s family, friends and fans with an evening of Thin Lizzy music, celebrations and plenty of Guinness.

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5. Asha Boutique

Sometimes buying a band top online is a bit soulless. It lacks a story. If I were to grab a Thin Lizzy top, I would head to Asha Boutique which is full of a wide range of rock and metal tops. They even have some for babies, if you own one of those.


6. Bruxelles

There are many bars that Phil Lynott used to frequent but this 130-year-old bar is still highly recommended by Brian Downey and Phil Lynott’s mother, Philomena. During the ’70s, Bruxelles became the place to hang out for rock fans and Thin Lizzy’s frontman. Now, a lot of Thin Lizzy’s memorabilia and artwork resides in the bar and acts as a sort of shrine to one of their best customers. Even outside on Grafton Street, the statue of Phil Lynott stands proudly, guarding his local.

7. The National Wax Museum

I really don’t understand waxworks. Looking at a waxy imitation of a human person gives me nothing but a feeling of unease. Having said that, I will not deny you the information that a Phil Lynott wax work lives in this museum.

8. Iconic Locations

When walking through Dublin, you might recognise many places. St Stephen’s Green was featured on the back cover of Thin Lizzy’s second studio album Shades Of Blue Orphanage. Or take a stroll across the Halfpenny Bridge, featured in Phil Lynott’s solo song ‘This Old Town’. The video also featured The Long Hall pub (no children allowed) and the bandstand in Herbert Park.

9. Record Shops

There are plenty of record shops in Dublin- the Irish adore their music. If you want to pick up a record, I would recommend Sound Cellar or Tower Records. Both have a great variety that will ensure you won’t go home empty-handed.

10. Memorials

If you want to take a photo with one of the many memorials across Dublin, one of our favourites is located on Rathmines Road (the red box featured in the photo above). There’s also a red mural in Dalymount Park, commemorating the Thin Lizzy Stadium concert in 1977. But, keep your eyes peeled when walking around the city, there’s many to discover.

11. Phil’s Grave

Only a short bus ride away from Dublin resides Phil Lynott’s resting place. Many fans make the trip to pay their respects in St Fintan’s Cemetery, Sutton. If you would like to visit his mother Philomena, who lives close by, please make sure you contact her first.


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