Drink Review: The Wild Beer Co Of The Sea

January 31, 2017

The Wild Beer Co’s Of The Sea 7% abv

I wonder who’s idea this was. I imagine a group of guys sat in a meeting room discussing new flavours to brew. One guy in the corner perks up and suggests taking inspiration from the ocean. At first they think he’s crazy, but after a while they come round to the idea and produce this; a lobster, cockles, seaweed, sea salt and sea herb drink.

But apparently it went a little differently at The Wild Beer Co. According to the bottle this idea came from their love of shellfish and after they had a staff challenge to make the best lobster bisque. So, they collectively thought it was only natural to mix their love of fishy flavour with their love of beer.

The Wild Beer Co are well known for their flavours, including a chocolate vanilla stout, a sourdough and a wine beer amongst others. Being one of the most popular craft beer breweries, artificial flavouring is frowned upon. So this beer is made with actual crustaceans, shellfish and seaweed.

Of The Sea pours a clear amber, and I’m glad it does because I was half expecting it to be green. It gives off a slight smell of lobster but not in a repulsive way. Encouraged by this, I take a swift sip. The first hit just tastes like an overly wheaty beer. Nothing fishy here. But the after taste brings a slight touch of lobster that dances on the frothy tide of that initial swig. It’s slightly sweet and sprinkled with a touch of salt. It’s tastes way better than it sounds. I’d also say that if you didn’t know this was made with fish, you still might be none the wiser.

I picked this up to be paired with my chippy shop chips and it definitely pairs well instead of a battered cod. Although it may sound like a gimick, there’s something quite likeable about this beer. Fortunately no one is around to let me know if it has affected my breath in any way. Of The Sea is worth a try, and if you do, drink and listen to this song by The Matches. Something about chucking old TVs seems so satisfying.


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