The Star Of Kings

April 3, 2015

126 York Way, London N1 0AX

Just a short stroll from King’s Cross Station sits a cosy traditional-style pub, The Star Of Kings. With an empty stomach and a vamp-like thirst, The Carouser‘s Mandy Morello enters the secluded haunt to find where all the people in the area are hiding.

The Star Of Kings has quickly gathered the same success as sister bar The Star Of Bethnal Green after opening in 2010. Both pubs lure a younger crowd through its doors with resident DJs, pub quizzes and a bounty of Americana cuisine.

Although I want to try the food I struggle to find a table. It’s Friday and it’s completely packed. The extremely good-looking bartender helpfully finds me a table when I ask but I make a note to come earlier next time. I’m given the menu which includes beast-sized burgers and hot dogs with various vegetarian options. But this is only temporary because every month they change the menu. I could tell you that the burger is bouncy and full of flavour or that the bun was soft with a little bit of crunch making it the ultimate beer and burger story. But It would make no difference. These burgers probably won’t be the ones you see on the menu if you get round to coming here.

So I’ll move on to drinks. The bar is stocked with all the usual bevvies and a few premium beer pumps, as well as lager specials that are subject to change. I’m made aware that the bar offers a local’s card which enables you to get free drinks and special offers. Worth it if I was to become a regular.

The Star Of Kings is decorated with Union Jack flags and mini chandeliers, giving it a trendier style than your usual old man local. Over the loud chatter of the crowd you can just about hear the DJ playing a number of hits from the booth at the back of the room. The pub also has a basement area where they host a number of events and parties, so you don’t have to travel far if you’re after more of a party.

The Star Of Kings is open till 1.30am leaving the perfect amount of time to grab many beers and a burger. Though I wouldn’t go too crazy as the towering bouncers on the door might get a bit unsettled and I did not want to mess with them.

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