The Carouser

June 15, 2019

The Carouser

A celebration of the sounds, life and culture from rock n roll’s heyday. A online and formerly print magazing that serves as a consolation to those who feel like they were born just a little too late to enjoy it.

Travel Writing | Editorial Design | Copywriting | Social Media

Articles & EdIting

I have edited and written several articles for both the online and print versions of The Carouser.

Time Travel Email Series
Review Of The Garage, Highbury
Experience The Summer Of Love In San Francisco
Vintage Record Collecting Guide
Thin Lizzy Guide To Dublin
Suzi Quatro Interview

Editorial Design

Every issue was based on a theme. The last and final copy was one of the most colourful, being entirely based around the psychedelic year of 1967. 


I created a ten-email-series that takes the Carouser’s subscribers through 60s music, year by year. The aim was to create a feeling of time travel with stories and news featured in each email. It boosted The Carouser’s click rate and became a very successful campaign.

Social Media

The Carouser’s social media serves as a window into the world of 60s & 70s rock n roll by using images of the past with engaging captions.

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Who’d like Jimi to make your morning coffee?

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What’s your go-to record to set the mood on a romantic night? 🖤

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