Ten Years After Celebrate 50th Anniversary

August 31, 2017

Ten Years After are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a huge new box set.

The ’60s English rockers Ten Years After have hit the big five-o and are releasing a 10 CD box set of all their works, from their debut in ’67 to ’74. The set will include some ‘lost’ album tracks that haven’t been released until now.

Only 1,500 copies of the box set are going to be made worldwide. Chrysalis Records are including albums that have been remastered from the original 1/4″ production master tapes. It will also feature an unreleased bonus disc of unheard recordings from 1972 called The Cap Farrat Sessions, which is mixed by Chris Kimsey.

TYA’s founding drummer Ric Lee said, “I’m genuinely excited about the new Ten Years After box set that we’ve been working on with Chrysalis due for release in November to celebrate the band’s 50th Anniversary,”

“The box includes nine studio albums and a bonus CD that features the previously unreleased live album ‘The Cap Ferrat Sessions’. Originally recorded in 1972 in the South of France using The Rolling Stones Mobile recording truck, the session tracks were gathering dust until now. I remember we recorded the live tracks in a villa in Cap Ferrat, South of France. Each of the instruments were recorded in a different room – drums in the ballroom. Between Chris Kimsey, our recording engineer and I, we managed to get one of the best drum sounds on any Ten Years After recording. Natural ambience from the villa’s acoustics helped tremendously. The session tracks were originally planned for the ‘Rock N Roll Music To The World’ album, but due to vinyl restrictions of the time, the tracks were not included in the final album release. More details are on the sleeve notes written for us by Chris Kimsey, who kindly agreed to mix the tracks for this boxed set release 45 years after they were recorded. This is a must-have collection for any avid Ten Years After fan, and any new fans that want to soak up the band’s recorded history.”

10,000 word sleeve notes are provided by Melody Maker journalist Chris Welch along with some interviews with the remaining band members.  The box set will be released on the 10th November and is available to pre-order from Pledge.

Ten Years After 50th Anniversary Box Set

  1. Ten Years After [Mono, 1967]
  2. Undead [Stereo, 1968]
  3. Stonedhenge [Stereo, 1969]
  4. Ssssh [Stereo, 1969]
  5. Cricklewood Green [Stereo, 1970]
  6. Watt [Stereo, 1970]
  7. A Space In Time [Stereo, 1971]
  8. Rock & Music To The World [Stereo, 1972]
  9. Positive Vibrations [Stereo, 1974]
  10. The Cap Ferrat Sessions [recorded in 1972, mixed in 2017]

Pre-order here.

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