What did they wear at home during the sixties?

November 5, 2020
Stylish Sixties Movies That Will Make You Dress Better

As we head into lockdown number two, I’ve started to say goodbye to all my daywear dresses and vintage skirts. Because, let’s face it, who’s gonna wear an original 1960s cream collared dress to eat crisps on the sofa?

But rather than reaching for the cheap jogging bottoms and sweater, let’s have a bit more fun and still keep to our 1960s style. Let’s have a look at the key pieces of what women wore at home during that era.

Guide To Sixties Loungewear

Sixites Lougewear - baby Doll

Baby Doll Dresses- This style of dress has a super flattering silouette for any body type and it’s so floaty that it will make you feel like you’re in Valley Of The Dolls. If you throw on a pair of white tights, you can wear it outside too if you’re going for that Dolly Girl look.

Sixites Lougewear - Gown

Gowns – Dressing gowns will be around longer than cockroaches because they’re so useful. A gown can spice up any loungewear, make life warmer or can be quickly thrown on to answer the door, if you like to lounge around in nothing at all.

Sixites Lougewear - Slips

Slip Dresses – I do love a good slip. Slips were traditionally worn as undergarments. In the sixties, it became more acceptable to lounge around the house in one. Although you wouldn’t be caught outside in one. That wasn’t acceptable until the ’90s.

Sixites Lougewear - Matching Sets

Matching Sets – Tafeta trousers paired with matching warm knitted tops were super groovy to wear at home during this time. There isn’t much difference between these and pyjamas except they’re not made for sleeping in.

Sixites Lougewear - Pyjamas

Pyjamas – The trend of matching pyjama sets is still going strong. But in the sixties, they made the cutest style of pyjamas in the form of these little peek-a-boo frilly short sets.

Sixites Lougewear - House Coats

House Coats – You don’t see these anymore. House coats were worn during the colder months at home. They often came in soft, thick fabric and sometimes quilted like a blanket. I hope they make a comeback.

Sixites Lougewear - Floor Length Dresses

Maxi Dresses – Sometimes the sixties floor-length lounge dresses that you’ll come across in vintage shops, look good enough to wear to prom. This was because a lot of wealthier women would wear them for entertaining guests at home. Who wouldn’t like waltzing around at home in a fancy dress and a glass of wine?

Sixites Lougewear - Caftas

Kaftans – Towards the end of the sixties a lot of fashion was inspired by Eastern dress. This is why the Kaftan popped up in the loungewear section of a woman’s wardrobe. It was the perfect piece to be comfortable and look luxurious at the same time.

Which kind of sixties loungewear are you gonna rock during lockdown? Let me know in the comments below.

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