Are Our Rockers Getting More Boring?

March 14, 2017

We recently covered how Megadeth motormouth Dave Mustaine is making his own branded beer. And whilst this is pretty cool, it’s a world away from his previous decadent drug and booze-fuelled lifestyle.

This got us thinking about whether the passing of so many famous musicians in 2016 has meant that our remaining rock gods have started to slow down and take things a little easier?

Bands spending more time making booze rather than drinking it is nothing new. Everybody from indie bands like Elbow and New Order, to legends like Paul McCartney now have their own branded brews. And when you can buy Iron Maiden’s ale at Sainsbury’s it shows that things are starting to get serious!

Maybe it’s because our rock stars are starting to get a little old that they’re having to listen to their doctors more and seek a higher quality high? Many rockers wouldn’t usually be seen dead without their trusty Marlboro hanging from their mouths, but seeing as the ultimate bad girl, Courtney Love, was filmed making an electronic cigarette advert, it shows that the times are definitely changing.

Life Ball 2014 Courtney Love

One of the most shocking deaths of last year was the passing of Motörhead legend Lemmy. And he was reportedly playing a video card game in his favourite bar just hours before his death, which was definitely a more genteel way of hunting down his mythical Ace of Spades.

Similarly, many casino-crazy rockers like Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro now take the time to play in swanky sponsored poker tournaments in Las Vegas. And you just know that they’ll also take the more convenient option of playing casino games online at sites like rather than hanging out in the sordid gambling dens on the Sunset Strip!

One of the most revealing insights into how our rock stars are changing came from the eye-opening Some Kind of Monster documentary from Metallica. This saw guitar legend Kirk Hammett advocating the clean-living surf lifestyle, drum ace Lars Ulrich getting more enthusiastic about modern art than beer, and James Hetfield tearing himself away from the vodka and bear-shooting to spend time at his daughter’s ballet class!

Thankfully all of our rock stars seem to thrive on their new clean-living lifestyles as it’s helped them release great new records and complete evermore arduous touring schedules. So perhaps craft beer, online casino games, and electronic cigarettes are the new rock’n’roll?


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