Playlist: Essential Irish Rock

July 19, 2017

 From the classic sounds of Van Morrison to the romanticism of Philip Lynott, the Emerald Isle’s shores are littered with musical gems and rock ‘n’ roll legend. With such a vast collection of Celtic anthems, it was hard to slice down to a mere 45 songs.

Our selection dates back as early as 1965 with Them- a five piece line-up fronted by the irrepressible Van Morrison. We travel further through the ’60s with Granny’s Intentions and Eire Apparent, then navigate thoroughly through Ireland in the ’70s. The land where Celtic Punk was born alongside the legend of guitar gods like Gary Moore and Rory Gallagher. We hope this list showcases a time when the face of Irish Music changed, we think, for the better.

This playlist serves as the perfect pairing; the sounds of Irish heartiness with the pages of our most recent publication, The Irish Issue. And of course, not forgetting a large glass of Irish whiskey. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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