Paul McCartney Collaborates For New Drinking Song

January 29, 2015

Shortly after ex-Beatles member Paul McCartney released ‘Only One’ with arrogance personified, Kanye West, the duo have collaborated on another song, this time with the most beautiful woman in the world, Rihanna.

The new track, ‘Four Five Seconds’ bins the drums and synths for a stripped-back acoustic jam whilst the two pop stars sing a duet and Paul McCartney fumbles around on the guitar and keyboard. The slow melody begins with Rihanna singing, I think I’ve had enough/I might get a little drunk/I say what’s on my mind/I might do a little time.

Kanye revealed ‘Four Five Seconds’ at the iHeartMedia Music Summit, where he gave a 45 minute speech on his favourite person, himself. During his self-indulgent ramblings he also divulged that he asked McCartney, “What was pussy like in the sixties?”

Regardless of the ageing rock star’s answer, this track confirms that McCartney is still relevant to today’s pop culture, despite a series of unforgivable tweets from Kanye fans.

‘Four Five Seconds’ will feature on each of the singers’ albums and is available on

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