How to dress like Pattie Boyd

March 14, 2021

Pattie Boyd was a model in the sixties with impeccable taste in fashion (she was also the wife of Beatle George Harrison). She had a Dolly Girl Style that morphed into a little bohemian by the end of the 1960s. Her looks were timeless.

Because it’s Pattie’s birthday in a couple of days, here are some key pieces of her style that you can take away as inspiration.

Get Pattie Boyd Style

Backcombed Hair – Pattie’s was most commonly spotted with her hair worn down, cut just below the shoulders and backcombed at the crown of the head for extra volume. Towards the late sixties she grew out her hair, but this is the hair style most associated with her.

Turtlenecks – Pattie sometimes opted for a beatnik look and wore a black turtleneck. She made it her own style by adding cute little bunches.

A Signature Piece- Pattie’s signature piece was a little silver butterfly clip. On many of her outfits, you can spot a butterfly accessory that’s been used to either add something to the outfit or to make low-cut tops a little higher.

Knee High Socks – Pattie was pictured a few times wearing these same knee high socks with white stripes. They’re perfect ito wear in England’s chilly weather when you’re bored with tights.

Floppy Hats – Pattie wore a lot of hats and her most frequent hat was a huge floppy. She wore them mostly when she was in the airport or on holiday. Remember holidays Doll?

Patterned Dresses. Pattie was the queen of wearing patterned dresses. In the early sixties, she started out with simple patterns like this one above. But during the last sixties her dresses became more floaty and psychedelic.

Which key parts of her style are you inspired by? Pick one or two elements and try to incorporate it into your own style to see if it works. Tell me in the comments below!

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