11 stylish old Christmas films you need to watch

December 16, 2020
Old Christmas Films

Curling up under a blanket, next to a plate of mince pies and a gingerbread Old Fashioned, watching a old Christmas films is one of my favourite festive rituals. Every year, I have a melange of films that I choose from, each one classic and stylish. But, most importantly, they each have a heart warming message to convey.

Most of my favourites are from the sixties, of course, but I couldn’t help but include a few pre-sixties films on this list because, if you haven’t already, you need to watch them.

Top 11 Stylish Old Christmas Films

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Meet Me At St Louis

1944, Directed By Vincente Minnelli

The very first Christmas classic film that was ever made. Judi Garland twirls around in early 20th Century dresses, singing Christmas songs and falling in love. My mum used to put this on every Christmas, even though it was still considered old when she was younger. And it’s not hard to see why she did. This film is pure joy.

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Christmas In Connecticut

1945, Directed by Peter Godfrey

The gorgeous Babara Stanwyck could not be missed off of this list. She plays a girl who writes a magazine column about being a house wife in Connecticut. But in reality, she’s a single girl living alone in New York.

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It's A Wonderful Life

1946, Directed By Frank Cappa

If you’re after a heartwarming story this Christmas, It’s A Wonderful Life delivers. A man contemplates suicide, but discovers what the world will be like without him in it. And although the world looks a little bleak to him, Donna Reed adds some Christmas glamour.

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White Christmas

1954, Directed By Michael Curtis

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live inside a snow globe, it would look something like White Christmas. A group of performers from a local Christmas show try to help out a small independent business at Christmas time.

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Desk Set

1957, Directed By Walter Lang

Remember office Christmas parties? Katherine Hepburn shows us how to rock our office wardrobe and the work Christmas party in this fifties Christmas classic.

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The Apartment

1960, Directed By Billy Wilder

Although this is not the most cheerful of Festive flicks, it still has a few laughs. Shirley McClaine plays the naive girl who falls in love with a married man. When she finds out he’s been having affairs with other women too, she attempts suicide. I promise you, there are laughs too.

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A Pocketful Of Miracles

1961, By Frank Capra

This movie is like a Christmas My Fair Lady. Bette Davis plays a street pedler who writes to a daughter that she sent away to Europe when she was a baby. But rather than tell her the truth of her vocation, she drunkenly writes that she’s a wealthy socialite living in fancy hotels. When her daughter (Ann Margret) announces she is going to come meet her estranged mother, Annie enlists the help of a local gangster to help her continue the lie.

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Period Of Adjustments

1962, Directed By George Roy Hill

Jane Fonda and her newly wed husband are having some issues on Christmas Eve. Her big hair and sass won her the attention of the world in this film. She was nominated for a golden globe for best actress and for best dressed by me.

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1967, Directed By Delbert Mann

Babara Feldon’s first feature role was a stylish one. She stars opposite Dick Van Dyke who plays a butler. When he’s off-duty he robs stores to keep the household from going bankrupt. Babara plays a new assistant that has impeccable style and no knowledge of the Butler’s dodgy dealings. Her look is reminicent of Anna Karina.

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A Night At Mauds

1969, Directed By Éric Rohmer

In true French New Wave fashion, the story focuses on a tangle of love affairs that happen over the Christmas holidays. Four single people discuss life, religion and love. Something that bounds them together for the festive season.

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The Christmas Tree

1969, Directed By Terrence Young

Any film featuring the Italian version of Marilyn Monroe has to be featured on style list. Vrina Lisi meets a man and his son who is slowly dying. She decides to join them on their adventures, bringing an espresso cup of glamour to the trip. Bring the tissues for this French-Italian tear jerker.

Watch as many as you can this Christmas and take some style tips from Judy, Vrina, Babs and the girls. Do you have a favourite film in this list? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. If you’re into vintage style, my sixties fashion book Dress Like It’s The Sixties is now available on Amazon.

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