Paul McCartney To Release 17th Studio Album

March 27, 2017

Former Beatle Paul McCartney is working on his 17th Studio album.

Paul McCartney has revealed that he’ll be working on his 17th Studio album with Adele producer Greg Kurstin. Greg has worked with pop artists like Pink, Lilly Allen, Gwen Stefani and has won a number of awards. This includs the recent Record Of The Year and Producer Of The Year for his work with Adele. Paul McCartney’s last album was New which was released back in 2013.

He told BBC 6 Music, “I’m making a new album which is great fun. I’m in the middle of that. I’m working with a producer I first worked with two years ago on a piece of music I’m doing for an animated film.”

Though, due to Greg Kurstin’s incredibly commercial work, Paul is a little concerned. He says, “My only worry is, people are going to go, ‘Oh there’s Paul going with the flavour of the month.’”

McCartney has also previously announced that he will be releasing a exclusive three-track cassette for this year’s Record Store Day.

He said, “The demos are red hot off the skillet and that’s why we wanted to include them on this boxed set. What’s great about these songs is that they’ve just been written, so there’s nothing more hot off the skillet as I say. That was the kind of great instant thing about them.

“I hadn’t listened to them in ages but when I did I knew we had to put them out. We made a little tape of them and sent them to Elvis (Costello), who loved them too. We said we should put out an EP or something and now the moment’s finally arrived.”

We hope his next one will be as bad as his Kanye/Rhianna collab.

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