Motorhead’s Snaggletooth cider, after a year in the making, will be available in the UK this month.

After a 12-month development process, the Motorhead cider will be released in Morrisons and online, adding to their branded collection of lager, whiskey, vodka and wine. The band revealed Snaggletooth last year and described it as a “sweetened British apple cider” of 5.5%ABV. Fans have been since cumming in their pants for its launch. It’s made in Worcestershire in association with Icon Beverage Company LTD and will come in bottles.

Phil Campbel, Motorhead guitarist, says, “As a long time cider aficionado. I am well qualified and proud to recommend this golden liquid.”

The cider is to be “crafted with a juice blend of the finest Dabinet, Michelin and dessert apple varieties to give a perfectly balanced, refreshing taste. Created in tribute to and in celebration of the loudest rock music on the planet, Snaggletooth Motorhead Cider packs a real punch.”

Can you wait to try it?