Beer Review: Marshall Blonde Beer

February 25, 2017

Marshall’s Blonde Beer 8.6% abv

The famous amp company Marshall have released two rock ‘n’ roll craft blonde beers onto the world. One made in France, one made in the UK. And when faced with the ultimate decision of trying one of them, we naturally opted for the one with the stronger percentage – the French one.

Although we want to drink it from it’s extremely cool branded bottle, we pour it into a glass in the name of this review. It looks extremely cloudy – it no doubt leaves a mist on the brain. Marshall smells a bit citrusy and quite like the typical lager smell with a slightly sour tone.

The taste is quite opposite. It’s sweet, with a mix of banana and coriander. The texture is quite chalky; it feels like thick and heavy in the neck vessel. Although quite weighty, it goes down a treat with the team. We listen to the sounds of ‘Enter The Sandman’ which I feel is very fitting for the drink.

Marshall has perhaps targeted the casual lager drinkers with this one but as a better option than your typical gig venue drinks like ‘Fosters’. I’d certainly pick one up again whilst listening to a band through their famously popular speakers. But only for the lack of a better option.


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