For many painful years, we have stood by and helplessly watch as music venues disappear quicker than a member of Guns ‘N’ Roses. Previously, it could take just one call from a nearby resident to shut down a business according to planning laws but now a new law being passed promises to stop this. This new Government legislation will be coming into power on April 6th and will have developers seeking approval before having planning permission to change office space into new flats in the vicinity of a venue to protect live music. This means no more whiny neighbours complaining about the “noise” and “racket” coming from our beloved venues.

Mark Davyd from Music Venue Trust says, “For music venues, this has never been about stopping development or preventing the creation of much needed new housing; it’s always been about ensuring that new development recognises the culture, economy and vibrancy of city centres by building great housing, enabling existing music venues and new residents to live in harmony. This is a major victory for the UK’s music venues and music fans.”

One giant step for rock ‘n’ roll.