Jane Birkin Inspired Look #1

May 7, 2015
So today was an important day for Britain. We had the chance to vote for who will lock arms with the Queen and rule the land. Many Suffragettes died so women could have this vote and I’m honoured to be able to do so but it all seems pretty meaningless now. All the parties appear very similar or too extreme to back. As I walked down to the polling station in my black leather boots, I still hadn’t made my mind up on who to vote for. 
None of the political parties really represent me. I like and loathe policies from each. I knew I wasn’t the only one who shared this struggle to decide. Many friends have not even bothered to vote. Some through lack of faith in the system, some through sheer disinterest in today’s politics. We’ve grown up watching politicians break laws yet are allowed to continue with their lives, whilst we fined for simply dropping a cigarette butt on the floor. It makes us feel powerless and it shouldn’t have to be this way.
Taking inspiration from the Suffragettes, I think we should all start protesting more. I’m not saying throw yourself under a horse because we have something way more powerful to get noticed – the Internet. We need to use it to make our voice heard. Don’t sit back and watch the cost of living rise whilst your pay stays the same, say something. Don’t shut the curtains as your elderly neighbour is moved from her family home, say something. Don’t pretend you haven’t noticed that more and more homeless people are lining the streets, say something. It all starts with saying something. 
Do you think current politics is working?
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