Pairing: The Clash & Jameson Caskmates

August 1, 2016

Whilst listening to The Clash’s ‘Lost In A Supermarket’, I began to develop a whiskey thirst. So I headed to my local shop, a supermarket, and had a stroll down the whiskey aisle.

I often wonder why there aren’t more collaborations between spirits and breweries. Think about it. The best of both worlds in one bottle. I’m dreaming up alcohol romances between Sailor Jerrys and Brew Dog or Flying Dog and Jim Beam – imagine that baby! So, when I saw Jameson had bottled collab with Beavertown Brewery, I almost sprouted an erection.

It began with Beavertown, ageing their Imperial Stout in Jameson casks – a perfect match. And now, Jameson seems to have liked the idea and collaborated with the brand to create a limited edition whiskey that is aged in Beavertown’s Stout Casks – becoming ‘Caskmates’.

So one frosty evening, I whack the bottle on the table and my friends coo in unison. Yeah, it’s an impressive thing to pull out at a party. Upon pouring some shots, the smell of burnt chocolate crawls up inside my nose. Already, I can notice the difference from the original Jameson, though aesthetically, they are the same.

I get a strong taste of chocolate, to match the nose, on my first swill. It’s definitely in need of some ice, as the lukewarm doesn’t fully bring out the flavours. It captures the smoky taste of the stout and has a slight coffee edge that makes this the perfect cold evening whiskey. Paired with Beavertown’s Holy Cowbell India Stout, the flavour intensifies. They are best drank together with the stout as a chaser due to gaining the full spectrum of flavours.

The bottle run out quickly, making me depressed – the same kind of depressed when you run out of coke. Unfortunately this limited edition isn’t widely available and I feel lucky to have even had my hands on a bottle. Jameson Beavertown Caskmates is the reason collaborations should exist.

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