How to dress like a French mod this summer

July 11, 2020
How To Get That French Girl Style

This time last year, I was sat in Paris, spitting out macarons (why do people love them??) and drinking a lot of wine in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. This year, it will be a miracle if I even make it to the local MacDonalds.

After six months of being planted in the same spot in England, I’ve gotten pretty bored with my surroundings. I’ve realised that I’ve been trying to cure my “wanderlust” by watching movies set in places that I want to go.

I watched From Russia With Love the other day which was mainly set in Istanbul. I ended up looking more at the set, than the actors and pretending I was there. I’ve done this with movies set in Rome, Berlin, Mexico. But I always seem to come back to Paris. Paris is always romanticised in movies and books. And when I was there, I too fell in love with the old literary haunts, cuisine and, importantly, the super stylish women (which is why the vintage shops in Paris are so good).

French girl style is something that’s copied time and time again. It’s classic, timeless and always flattering. And I wanted to share some iconic French girl looks with you today, to inspire your own summer wardrobe and to pretend you’re in Paris like I do:

Sixties French Girl

Summer Style

French Girl Style: Catherine Denueve

Straw Boater Hats – The French don’t seem to mind a little bit of cliché as long as the whole outfit isn’t made up of clichés. If you pair a straw boater with a breton top, moustache, and a baguette, you’re walking into dangerous waters.

Frances Gall: French Girl Style

Horizontal Stripes – Horizontal stripes on dresses, shirts and jumpers are always quintesentially French. You can catch every woman in this email wearing horizontal stripes including the lovely France Gall.

French Girl Outfits For Summer

Huge Sunglasses – The bigger the better. It needs to be big enough to hide any expression and dark enough to hide the bags under your eyes, caused from drinking wine all night with a good looking stranger. Pair these with a scarf and a bored face then you’re winning.

Get That French Girl Style This Summer

Basket Bags – Although Jane Brikin was English, she was pretty much adopted by the French as one of their own. She managed to blend in by learning their language and their sense of style. In most photographs of Jane she will never be seen without her famous basket bag which is still sought after today.

10 Ways To Get That French Girl Summer Style
How To Get French Girl Style This Summer

Nautical Dresses – As made popular by the gorgeous Anna Karina. Nautical-themed dresses are made for Summer walks along the port. 

Get That French Girl Style This Summer

White Jeans – Grab some white jeans and they pretty much go with anythng. But be careful when drinking red wine.

Bring France To You This Summer

Gingham – And last but not least, gingham. And who better to show you how to wear it than the queen of gingham. Bardot famously got married in a pink gingham dress. Here she is showing off her french style with a basket bag, gingham and a straw hat.

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All photos were sourced online (mostly pinterest) and have been used as a reference. If you know the source, please get in touch so I can credit.

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