Grim Reaper’s Steve Grimmett Taken Seriously Ill

January 17, 2017

It has been reported via the Facebook page of Steve Grimmett, that the front man and legendary voice of heavy metal band Grim Reaper has been taken seriously ill.

Yesterday night, Steve’s wife reported that Steve had been taken critically ill with an infection in the foot and bones at a hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Since then, his wife Millie has posted the following update on Facebook:-

“unfortunately the operation didn’t work and Steve is currently in the operating theatre having limbs removed. We don’t know how much of the leg will need to be removed but Steve is very very ill. He has an aggressive infection that spread very quickly over night.

I am sorry to say the rest of the tour has been cancelled. I am hoping to fly out myself soon and stay with Steve until he is ready to come home so I may meet some of you then.

But don’t worry, the voice WILL be back.”

Steve was taken ill during the Grim Reaper ‘Walking in the Shadows’ tour. Understandably, the rest of the tour has been cancelled.

We are sure that thousands of heavy metal maniacs all around the world are wishing Steve a very speedy recovery. Whatever the circumstances, we know he’ll back to blow us away, as he always does.


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