Gene Simmons Wants To Trademark The Air You Breathe

September 19, 2017

Gene Simmons faced a lot of backlash over trying to trademark the devil horns hand gesture recently but the Kiss bassist has revealed that he has no regrets.

Gene spoke to the Canadian Metro and stated, “You can’t please everybody. Not everybody likes Jesus, either.”

He continued, “Instead of worrying what people think, I just go my merry way and do whatever I want to do. If I could, I would trademark the air you breathe. Every breath. Yes, I would.”

The trademark application was withdrawn two weeks after he filed it. Many claim that it was Ronnie James Dio who is credited for the devil horns, including his widow. But it can also be traced back to a 1967 photo of John Lennon who was also drawn with the hand sign in the Yellow Submarine.

Gene’s argument is that his gesture is with the thumb outstretched, similar to “I Love You” in American sign language. He paid $275 to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for “Entertainment, namely, live performances by a musical artist; personal appearances by a musical artist”. But this is a move many won’t forget.

Gene is releasing a collection of unreleased songs called The Vault, a book on power and will be performing with Ace Frehley on September 20th.

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