First Cannabis-Infused Craft Beer Launches In US

August 24, 2015

A selection of cannabis-infused craft beer is launching this Autumn in the US.

Dude’s Brews (by Dads & Dudes Breweria) is releasing a Canna-Beer series, which will be high in alcohol content and will get you high.

Even though the law states that THC is prohibited from being added beer, the brewing company have used CBD as their main ingredient; an extract from the cannabis plant otherwise known as cannabidoil.

The finished products took a year of negotiations and a struggle to find a legal hemp oil. When Colorado made cannabis legal, The Dude’s Brewing Company set out to make the first commercially distributed cannabis beer with a 10% abv Sativa IPA and a 5% abv Indica Double IPA.

Because hops and cannabis are actually from the same family of plant – Cannabaceae – Dude’s Brew previously tried to produce a weed-style beer to much controversy. Their IPA Dank “smelt like the good stuff” and was put under prohibition for ten months but re-released due to it’s popularity. Despite this, Dude’s Brew still pursued their dreams of marrying alcohol and Mary Jane together.

The first chance to try it will be at the Great American Beer Festival.

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