Famous Flames

August 10, 2017

Camden’s latest home for burgers and deep-fried chicken.

As Camden’s soul and aesthetic quickly crumbles under the economy and the wave of gentrification, there’s a few places still clinging to the bricks and cobbled streets. Music was Camden’s attraction. But now, the buskers are being monitored, pubs are shutting down and casinos replace what was once a community market.

Newly opened burger shop Famous Flames has propped itself next to the main station, serving up burgers and wings placed upon a background of rock ‘n’ roll style. This kind of thing is welcomed by the locals that can be found lurking in between tourist selfies. But is it true to the area’s values and expression? And more importantly, does it dish up a worthy burger?

The rock ‘n’ roll style that they’re trying to convey couldn’t be more obvious. The walls are lined with vintage posters and decorated with guitars. Even a drum kit dangles from the ceiling as the sounds of chuck berry whistle out of the squeaky clean speakers. The layout seems fitting for a solitary burger or a quick one with a friend before a gig.

Although Famous Flames doesn’t sell beer, there is an option to go into the Simmonds bar next door which dishes up a range of Camden Brewery beer. Here, you can order some of Famous Flames burgers directly from the bar.

Famous flames offer a lot of chicken. I order their only beef burger and various wings. I gnaw my teeth into a garlic parmesan wing that is coated in a gravelly batter, and it reveals just a soft slice of chicken. The coating of flavours are really strong and will leave the taste on your tongue for hours. The chipotle honey habanero BBQ is just perfection without being too hot.

Their ‘Famous Flames Cheeseburger’ is just as heartwarming with a 28 day dry aged pedigreed Sussex Beef patty wedged between potato rolls. It’s slightly small for the value of £5.50. But when paired with a meal deal, a side of cheesy waffle fries is a better option. Mozzarella cheddar and double Gloucester cheese is blended together to make a cream over toasty potato waffles.

Famous Flames doesn’t have the same grime and guts that we expect from a Camden establishment- but who would want that from a place that serves food? The burgers are good. The music is good. The service is excellent and it’s within walking distance to a tube journey home. It’s certainly a place to come and stick around a while. Plus, it kicks the arse of Bang Bang chicken.


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